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Antyx’s Top 5 Ways to Inspire Our Facilitators

One of our goals at Antyx is to inspire youth to be creative, using the arts as an outlet. We have found that youth achieve immeasurable success when they have the freedom to choose what they put out into the world. While we brainstorm ways to keep youth engaged and passionate, we also have to keep our team inspired! Here are Antyx’s top five ways we keep our facilitators inspired:

1. Offer Creative Freedom

For our team to create programs they can advocate for; we offer creative freedom of the program design to each designated facilitator. Creating a program centred around the artistic medium of their choice allows their personality to influence and direct the program’s dynamic in a way that can’t be replicated. 

Antyx Community Arts Photo Video

2. Encourage Bonding Opportunities with Youth 

Rather than focusing solely on the art outcomes of our programs, we encourage facilitators to prioritize the emotional outcomes of youth. Our weekly programs provide the opportunity to build a foundation of trust through organic conversations and activities, but we also like to incorporate unique field trips where our program can bond further through shared experiences. This can also lead to new ideas being formed, where we can apply this inspiration into the desired art outcomes of the program. 

Antyx Community Arts Projection

3. Connecting in the Community 

It’s easy to feel siloed when completing the same routine weekly, which is why we as an agency try to get involved in the community as often as we can. It’s exciting to engage new audiences and to use these opportunities to connect with and learn from other experts in the industry! We’re introduced to emerging trends, upcoming events and connections, and often new collaborations to explore.

Antyx Community Arts

4. Supporting Personal Art Endeavours 

Our facilitators are incredibly talented in their personal art forms! When they integrate their passions into programs, it creates a vibrant environment for the youth to explore their own ideas. At Antyx, we encourage our facilitators to continue investing in their personal art endeavours so that they can grow both in and out of the workplace. 

5. Let Failure be a Result 

Often times a program will be developed using past outlines and research containing best practices to provide a foundation for the facilitator to work with, but ultimately it comes down to the youth to decide if they are interested in that program or not. Additionally, when unexpected societal movements arise, they can change the trajectory of a program’s direction; either cancelling the program altogether or switching focus on which outcomes need to be achieved. If you have to accept failure as a result, it’s important to recognize that it can happen, and to support your team and offer resources to rebuild their vision from a different perspective. 

After two years of isolation and virtual connection, we are excited to be back facilitating in-person programs again!

Check out what Antyx has lined up for summer programs at 

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