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Ward 5 Spring Update

City of Calgary

Snow Removal

Winter conditions are still around so please be reminded to remove snow and ice from your property’s adjacent sidewalks within 24 hrs when the snowfall ends. Failure to do so can result in fines of $250. Uncleared sidewalks can be reported to:

Many seniors and people with restricted mobility need help in clearing snow from their sidewalks, consider being a snow angel and help clear your neighbors’ sidewalks too.

Spring Community and Alley Cleanups

There are many community cleanups bring organized by the Community Associations for this Spring and Summer. On popular demand, the “Adopt-An-Alley” program will be back again this Spring. We need volunteers to help lead teams in our neighborhoods. Please follow our social media handles for more info coming soon.

Community Projects

Thank you to everyone that helped with donations of food, winter clothing and money to support Ward 5 Winter Food and Clothing Drives. Both were very successful, and we ended up collecting donations worth over $20,000. Volunteers from the Community and my office staff drove to drop off donations to families in need. A big shout out to the Dashmesh Culture Centre for partnering with us. Donations can still be picked up from their location in Martindale.

Transit Safety

Transit safety is a top priority for my office and we have continuously advocated over the past several months on concerns from residents regarding safety and cleanliness at the transit stations and on the LRT.

The following safety measures have been added:

  • Increased transit patrols;
  • Enhanced surveillance;
  • Establish downtown location for two teams along the LRT lines; and
  • Hiring of 808 Calgary Transit employees, including additional sergeant positions, corporate security, and transit peace officers (to partner with the DOAP team) to support the unhoused population.

The Transit Watch program helps patrons report non-emergency safety concerns while riding the Transit system through the text line. The program offers three reporting services: the text line (74100), the phone line (403-262-1000, option 1), and the ‘Help’ button located at C-Train station platforms.

If you see something, say something. The Transit Watch text messaging tool is available 24/7, and passengers can discreetly text 74100 to communicate with Calgary Transit staff and dispatch officers in real-time. In case of emergencies, always call 9-1-1.

Schedule Changes

Spring service changes will begin on March 20, 2023. Most of the changes being made are adjustments to schedules to improve connections and improve Transit ability to meet schedules.

Details about the upcoming changes to service are available online at: along with the Transit app, and our website.

Transit Hiring

Since mid-January, 400 operators have been hired and an additional 400 will be hired by the end of the year. The application process to become an operator is extensive and is followed by a 25-day training program. To learn more or to apply please visit

Raj Dhaliwal
Raj Dhaliwal

Please continue to send in your ideas and concerns as you see things in the Ward. Do you have a suggestion for a community garden or an art project? Improvement to a current park or pathway? How can we help our Ward become greener with more trees?

The QR code will direct you to our office email where you can send us your queries and concerns. You can also email us directly at [email protected] or call 403-369-9537. 

Raj Dhaliwal Signature

Raj Dhaliwal
Councillor Ward 5, City of Calgary

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